02/11 Supermoto Open Track Day

On Karting Circuit


Kuwait Motor Town are running their Supermoto Open Trackdays at the Karting Circuit.

Due to COVID-19 protocols, 30% of Spectators' capacity will be allowed.

Registration Requirements:

  • Guests will be required to provide proof of vaccination based on the Ministry of Health's guidelines.
  • All Riders must sign a waiver at registration. For Riders under 18 years, parents must sign on behalf.
  • 2 of (assistance or pit-crew) is allowed at these events.
  • Online registration will be closed before 24 hours of the session start.
  • Due to current COVID-19 restrictions, KMT can only accept contactless electronic payment (Knet/Credit Cards) for on-site registration – KMT will accept no CASH payments.
  • KMT will provide scrutineering and Rider's briefing after sign-in.


Types of bikes allowed:
-Super Bike (Not larger than 300cc)



Axle sliders, peg sliders are a must. We can not gouge the track.

Rigid handguards like Acerbis, Cycra are required.

Gas vent lines must be routed into a catch can.

Tires and brakes must be in good condition: no visible cracks or dry-rot.

Valve stems must have caps.

Check for oil, fuel, and coolant leaks and missing bolts/screws. All parts must be secure—no loose bolts/fasteners.

Check your tire pressures. Use tire manufacturer’s recommended pressure.

Headlights, turn signals, and all glass or plastic lenses must be removed or taped over. Remove mirrors.

Kill-switch must be functioning, and throttle return should work smoothly without sticking or hanging up.

Chain not too loose or too tight. Spoke wheels check for any loose or broken spokes.

Kick-stands must be able to remain securely in the up position or be removed.  Center stands are not recommended due to clearance issues.



Full face, damage-free helmet: Motocross style helmet with goggles.

Gloves are required. A gauntlet style that covers the wrist is recommended.

Over-the-ankle riding boots are required.

One-piece or two-piece leathers that zip together.    Keep in mind that leather is the most abrasion-resistant gear.  Gear must provide full-body coverage and have reinforced/padded elbows, shoulders, knees, and spine/back areas.  Hip padding is also recommended.

Back protector is highly recommended for all groups.

Motocross-style gear is allowed for SuperMoto bikes only.

If your bike needs extra attention, take the time to get it right.  It’s better to miss a few minutes of track time than to have a problem on the track, at speed.


Pit - Things to do, not to do.

This is a Cold Pit. You can push your bike to the hot pit with it running, but there is No Riding in the Cold Pit.

Fueling is to be done in the dirt area, Not on asphalt.

18 Ticket available


4:00 pm - 9:00 pm

Open-Pit Session

18 Ticket available