5/4 Drift Open Day

On Drift Arena


The Drift Arena at Kuwait Motor Town has provided the perfect safe environment for drift cars to skate sideways around the track. With limited numbers, these half-day events guarantee the right amount of quality seat time.

What is Drifting?
Drifting is a loss of traction driving technique that applies an understanding of speed, braking, and steering as the car slides sideways while maintaining control of the vehicle.

What is Open Drift?
It's not a competition. It is organized days in which the KMT Drift Arena is provided for sideways practice.

You don't need to be an expert drifter, but frequently losing control of your car is frowned upon.

KMT will set up doughnut Boxes for the novice driver to get acquainted with the art of going sideways.


Terms & Conditions:

  • All drivers must sign a waiver at registration.
  • Only two (passengers, assistance, or pit-crew) are allowed on the track.
  • Helmets are mandatory for driving on the circuit. Sanitized Helmets are available for hire.
  • KMT will provide scrutineering and driver's briefing after sign-in.
  • Booking will close before 1 hour of the session's end time.
  • KMT has a No-Refund policy. However, we can credit your Experience to another date of your choosing. For cancellation, please get in touch with us at experience@kmt.kw  72 hours before the event date.


9:00 pm - 1:00 am

Open Session