KMT is a 2.6 million meter square motor town.

KMT is located south of Kuwait City in Arifjan Road 40 – King Fahad Road.

At KMT, driven anti-clockwise FIA Grade 1 circuit is 5609 m long, featuring 20 turns. While FIM grade A circuit for bikes is 4250m long.

Eminent engineer and circuit designer Hermann Tilke has proficiently designed KMT’s circuit and main pit buildings and race control complex.

KMT will be home to the world’s top racing events; atop of which are the FIA & FIM series of championship events.

Some motorsport tracks are configurable; which means that it allows different routes or sections. KMT provides its visitors with more than 4 configurations, depending on specific use.

KMT’s parking lot has a capacity of 3300 car spaces.

Spectators are offered an engrossing experience, along with a stadium accommodating 7348 spectators, 752 VIP seats, and a comfortable lounge to enjoy the best circuit viewing.

  • The motocross track is 1750m long with the longest sand peak in the world at the height of 60 meters.
  • The FIA rallycross track is 1700m long.
  • The Sand Dune course is 950m long.
  • The SUV and off-road tracks are supplied with ten different testing and demanding modules.

The circuit has been designed by the global designer Greg Atkins, which is compliant with MXGP criteria.

Kuwaiti Amiri Diwan handled the project from start to completion.

KMT is composed of seven (7) tracks and nine (9) racing disciplines; one main circuit, a drag strip, a karting track and dirt tracks.