Off Road 4X4 Area

If off-road is your passion, KMT’s Off-Road Zone is designed for you.  The Off-Road Zone features an exciting SUV test track offering 10 different modules, a sand dune drive and ATV Park.

The Zone also includes fun activities for children, including a play area and kids' sand dune drive.


SUV Test Track

Sand Dune Drive

Kids Sand Dune Drive

Track Hire

Driver Training

Sand Dune Drive

Track length:                                       950 m

Track Surface:                                     Sand


Test yourself and your vehicle to the limits on our SUV Test Track. With 10 different exciting modules designed to challenge and delight.

Wooden Trunks

  • Challenges the chassis and suspension
  • Vehicle will swing and jump

Trunk Bridge

  • Challenges steering and wheels
  • Drivers will get a feel for the dimensions of their car

Stepped Hill

  • Challenges axle, brakes and drivelines
  • Surface conditions of concrete steps and wooden logs
  • 30% incline & decline

Hill Climbing

  • Challenges grip and control
  • Surface conditions of large paving stones and uneven concrete
  • 50% incline & 60% decline

Pavement Waves

  • Challenges control
  • Surface conditions of paving stones in a wave pattern

Diagonal Trunks

  • Challenges control, chassis and suspension
  • Surface conditions of diagonally placed wooden logs

Concrete Cones

  • Challenges chassis and suspension
  • Surface conditions large, high, smooth concrete humps evenly distributed to twist the axle and test 4 wheel drive continuity


  • Challenges ride comfort while handling unknown terrain beneath the water
  • Surface conditions gravel, stones, mud

Axle Twister

  • Challenges suspension and wheel grip
  • Surface conditions lateral elevations in partially staggered line

Heavy Slope

  • Challenges driving skill over differing lateral inclinations
  • Surface conditions upper lane gravel, lower lane flagging