Sodi World Series Sprint Cup debut at Kuwait Motor Town

Kuwait Motor Town ("KMT") is set to host the first edition of the Sodi World Series ("SWS") Sprint Cup on the 31st of October 2023. The SWS Sprint Cup will debut at Kuwait Motor Town, marking it as SWS's first outdoor race in Kuwait.  

The series will include 5 rounds of racing spanning from October to February. 


  • Round 1: 31.10.2023
  • Round 2: 28.11.2023 
  • Round 3: 26.12.2023  
  • Round 4: 30.01.2024
  • Round 5: 27.02.2024  

The Sodi World Series Sprint Cup will consist of 1 qualifying round and 2 sprint races on Kuwait Motor Town's National Circuit configuration. Participating drivers will enter a qualifying round for 10 minutes to determine grid positions for race 1 (10 laps) and race 2 (11 laps). 

The SWS Sprint Cup will consist of 15-driver racing kart models (SODI RT8 – GX 390cc). All drivers must pre-register for races 1 & 2 on the SWS website and have their Driver Identification Number (DIN) for race day registration before weigh-ins (minimum weight: 85 KG with racing gear). 

All drivers must register through Kuwait Motor Town to guarantee a seat.