The Porsche World Roadshow 2019 at Kuwait Motor Town

Porsche Centre Kuwait invited a group of select Porsche enthusiasts for a unique and first-of-its-kind racetrack driving experience at the Kuwait Motor Town, as the Porsche World Roadshow unleashed in Kuwait between Jan 31st and Feb 6th.

Over a span of seven days, the participants were enthralled by the world of Porsche motorsports, which further fuelled their passion for track driving. Every day, participants were welcomed with a morning briefing session by Porsche certified personnel who assigned the attendees into different teams to experience a range of driving scenarios and skill-based exercises both on and off the track.

Seated behind the steering wheels of the entire two-door and four-door Porsche range, including the latest addition to the brand’s SUV line-up, the Macan S, the attendees had the chance to experience the impeccable Porsche driving dynamics and the 70 years of Porsche legacy on the FIA grade 1 track, for the first time in Kuwait. The event’s programme also included sessions where participants were guided through several driving exercises including braking, handling and slalom.

Upon the successful completion of the activities at the event, all participants were awarded with certificates and customised Porsche metal cars to recognise their participation at the Porsche World Roadshow in Kuwait.