Waiver Disclaimer

  • I the undersigned, fully understand that motorsport is dangerous and acknowledge the contents hereof this waiver by entering Kuwait Motor Town Circuit, KMT (the Circuit), including the waive of the important legal rights and the assumption of full responsibility for MY actions in the event held in the Circuit and during the use of the Circuit and other relevant instruments and facilities of the Circuit. I undersigned have read, understood, and agreed to comply with the terms and conditions specified in this Disclaimer.
  • I the undersigned, understand and accept, acknowledge that use of the Circuit and activities associated therewith are dangerous and that there is a possibility of an accident causing injury, death or property damage or loss and that the use of the Circuit is voluntary and solely at MY own risk and that the I assume such risk.
  • I the undersigned, understand that should at any time during this event, be suffering from any disability or condition whether permanent, temporary or otherwise which is likely to affect or impair MY ability to control the vehicle and/or represent a danger to MYSELF or other persons, I shall not take part in the event/competition.
  • I the undersigned, declare that my vehicle using the Circuit is in a safe and roadworthy condition, complies with all regulations and is fit for the purpose of the activity. I declare that no representative of the Circuit has examined or approved the vehicle for this purpose.
  • I the undersigned acknowledge that I am solely responsible for all the risks with respect to personal injury, property damage or other harmful consequences arising from the use, in any form, of the equipment, devices, facilities or services owned, operated or let by the Circuit, including but not limited to the use of the track, race cars (including KMT's own race cars), or from any contests, entertainments or exercises or from any operations or activities conducted or organized either by the Circuit or other organizations, unless the same is caused by willful or gross negligence of the Circuit. I hereby warrant that I will release KMT and its actual controller, subsidiaries or other affiliates (including any successor or heir thereof) and their respective shareholders, directors, officers, members, employees, and representatives from any liability in connection therewith.
  • I the undersigned understand, accept, acknowledge and agree that MYSELF or a Representative (or parents or custodian) shall purchase insurances to cover all the losses that may arise from any of MY acts or activities in the Circuit.
  • Only the portion of the Circuit made available by KMT may be used, and such use must be confined to the permitted hours, and I must not enter any of the restricted areas designated by KMT. I may drive or test a race car in the Circuit or use the Circuit for any other purposes only with prior approval of KMT.
  • I the undersigned, shall comply with the instructions given by KMT at all times. Signals to vehicles will be given by International Code Flag Signals, and I am responsible for familiarising MYSELF, understanding and complying therewith. If I fail to obey any of the signals or instructions KMT shall be entitled to suspend or ban MYSELF from testing and/or using the Circuit for such period as KMT shall decide.
  • I understand that all participants must obey and respect the Kuwait Fire Department and Ambulance. I agree that I will not interfere with the operations of the Fire Department nor Ambulance services. And if I interfere with their operations, I will be held liable for any outcome due to not allowing or disrupting them to perform their duties on time.
  • I the undersigned, give the right for the organisers to send or receive any images or video, media of MYSELF and allow the release of images, video to a third party for use in audio-visual, print and online media.
  • I accept the conditions of, and acknowledge the risks arising from, attending the track and participating in the activity either as Driver or Passenger and being provided with services by KMT and the Associated Entities.
  • Motorsport is dangerous and that accidents causing harm can and do happen and may happen to me.