Kuwait Motor Town opens to the public

Kuwait- March 2018: In celebration of its distinctiveness, Kuwait Motor Town (KMT) unfolds its gates.
Under the auspices of His Highness the Amir of Kuwait and supervision of the Amiri Diwan, Kuwait inaugurates a world-class venue, marking itself as the most prominent motor town worldwide. The town is located in the south of Kuwait City in Arifjan road 40 – King Fahad Road.

It is carrying out an ambitious spate of projects as Jahra Hospital, Sheikh Jaber Al Ahmad Cultural Centre, Sheikh Abdullah Al Salem Cultural Center, Al Shaheed Park and Grand Mosque. The Amiri Diwan crafts the world’s biggest motor town, launching its first phase during 2018 first quarter and readying it within 14 months of continuous diligence.
Amiri Diwan's Financial and Administrative Affairs Director H.H. Abdulaziz Ishaq described Kuwait Motor Town as "professionally-constructed to be home to one of the world’s longest racing tracks. A town that comprises of seven tracks for a diverse range of motorsports, offering its racers a thrilling ambience at a 2.6-million-meter square town."
Kuwait Motor Town creates a competitive environment for visitors to unleash their potential. Renowned circuit designer and racer (Hermann Tilke) has designed KMT tracks, breathing life into a state-of-the-art town.
"Kuwait Motor Town gives youths a golden opportunity to show their talents off and welcome visitors from around the globe. Furthermore, in pursuit of transforming Kuwait to regional trade and financial centre, the Amiri Diwan sustains Kuwait’s developments, fosters its investments and sheds light on its culture." Ishaq stated.

The main track is composed of five configurations; holding either three small races or two longer ones at the same time. KMT provides its visitors with 5610 m long driven anti-clockwise FIA Grade 1 track, featuring 20 turns, along with 4250m long FIM grade A track. Kuwait Motor Town is home to seven racing tracks; that includes dragster track, karting track, along with four other dirt tracks.
Dragster track is designed with a high degree of safety, serving local and international tournaments", according to Amiri Diwan's Financial and Administrative Affairs Director H.H. Abdulaziz Ishaq.
Who also asserted that “karting circuit can be divided into two small tracks exploited at the same time. Motocross, Rallycross, desert dune drives as well as SUV and off-road tracks – of 10 different modules- are particularly-fashioned for fierce dirt races. 1750m long Motocross track has the most extended sand peak in the world at a height of 60 meters. The circuit is designed by the global designer (Greg Atkins), conforming to the MXGP criteria."
"At Kuwait Motor Town, spectators are offered an interesting experience, along with a stadium accommodating 8000 spectators, 752 VIP seats, 32 maintenance car parks and a cosy lounge to live the rising thrill of the race. So that visitors have a comfortable parking experience, KMT’s parking lot has a capacity of 3300 spots.”, Ishaq added.

About Kuwait Motor Town:
Kuwait Motor Town is a state-of-the-art racing outdoor motorsports venue located in the south of Kuwait, featuring different racing tracks which include dragster tracks, karting and dirt tracks. Opened to the public in 2018, Kuwait Motor Town is home to top racing events with a stadium accommodating more than 8000 spectators. Under the management of the Amiri Diwan, Kuwait Motor Town aims to put Kuwait on the map when it comes to hosting motorsports events.